Obviously a W.I.P. as the  placeholder people are still present and Katie’s the only one shaded.

I thought since cosplay is a big to do at Cons I’d have my cast dress as my favorite Final Fantasy VII characters.

Tifa was a no brainer, as Katie has similar proportions to the busty bruiser (trademark!) though not quite so water balloon-esque of a bust.

I thought about making Gregor Barret but decided it would be funnier to make him Cait Sith’s mog. I think I was right

I was never going to make Sean Barret as that just seemed like typecasting. Instead I opted to make him Cid Highwind, the king of the skies!

Chloe I thought of doing as Yuffie but decided she was the only one who could pull off Cloud’s hair. And really the only people that can pull off a convincing Cloud are girls or effeminate men. Otherwise the result is decidedly mixed.