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  1. Omnicrat

    I can’t help but wonder what happened to make the greh-garh abandon his homeworld if they built him to defend it. Is he still the only greh-garh, or was he a prototype and there are now better modles? OR, could society not accept a greh-garh, so rather than kill him his mother exiled him?

    • Guesticus

      Or, maybe he was sent away for safety, like a certain kryptonian

      • Omnicrat

        This implies his people already lost the war despite him and he is the last of his people. Given his mother just showed up, I doubt that is the case.

      • Billy Yank

        Or maybe the Ghre tried to treat him like they would any Ghar and he got fed up with it.

  2. Richie

    The bad guys remind me of The Master Cylinder in the old Felix the Car cartoons…

  3. Richie

    Felix the CaT…

  4. Xone

    Heheh, Ghre-Tah 3D Printed an Autonomous Juggernaut for a Son/Soldier? Best Mom Ever!

  5. Timni16

    ghre-ghar…ghre-ghar…gREGOR HAHAAAAAHAHA

  6. GreyWolf

    Getting this mental image of Gregor going after the people who attacked his homeworld, with the title song from “The Last Dragon” playing in my head …

  7. Infamous Nefarious

    I am loving this.

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