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  1. Aslan_Balaur

    We grab the area that hurts because it triggers a release of chemicals within the cells that reduce pain. That is why it eases the pain to squeeze injuries.

  2. differ

    is that a tablet she is looking at? like…she is wondering who to call or something.

    • Guesticus

      Either that, or she realises Greg left it on and someone has been watching her this whole time

      • differ

        zomfgXD i would die….laughing :P

  3. Fairportfan

    Cue sardonic laughter from the other end.

  4. Kat

    So… why is she pissed at the ipad? Gregor forget it or something? Bet he called her and she didn’t even realize it auto answered for her and he’s just chuckling on the other end telling her to call someone already X)

    • John

      She’s not pissed at the ipad. She’s pissed that she’s going to have to use the ipad to call for help, which will force her into a conversation she wants to avoid.

      • Kat

        lol probably X) but hell she’s got to know more than two people, I mean she’s always come across as really outgoing, maybe she’ll think of a third person she could call or something.

        • John

          Um, How many people would you be willing to call to ask if they would come help you get undressed? I can’t imagine its all that many…

          • Kat

            Nope! Not that big of a list, but it’s bigger than two and includes people I haven’t slept with =p so there

    • What John said, but with a slight twist, I think. It’s more a case of he told her to call for help and now that’s what she’s thinking she’s going to have to do. Since they’ve had a big brother/little sister kind of relationship, they also have the sibling rivalry that goes with it and Katie is now thinking “dammit, he’s right, he wins … AGAIN …”.

      • Kat

        XD I highly approve of this thought process, and gregor being the big brother X) though now we know of his mother, I wonder if we’ll hear about more of big G’s family… hmm…

  5. Soul_Est

    The issue is that she was hoping someone would call her. That way, she does not have to choose and will not feel guilty about her choice.

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