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  1. Good advice, thanks. I’ve let my drawing go by the wayside for a while, hoping to get back into it soon. The tablet’s getting a little dusty …

    (and I let the DA premium sub expire … oops, better get that re-upped)

    • Oh, and sidenote – what you recommend here is more or less what I did for that fan art comic, except instead of posable models I used a mishmash of clips of old comics to make my own models and used them to trace, adjusting the details freehand. :D Got a looooot easier once I realized I could just scan in the pencil and do the inking as a separate layer, especially once I got the tablet.

  2. Kat

    woah wait, trace much? :-/ also I’m guessing that’s why her arm looks so tiny, you’re outlining it with the cast despite how thick it should be, making her arm look tinier by comparison, along with uber skinny legs XD

  3. Butt

    Don’t trace. C’mon, be a proper artist.

    • This is, at current, a temporary thing. I’ve had to retrain my brain to draw people in proper proportions and at different angles. I’ve been doing too many panels with straight profiles and I’ve been drawing too many short torsos. In short, I’ve gotten lazy and this is helping me get my art back to where it once was.

    • Guesticus

      Hope you are being sarcastic, there is nothing wrong with using props/models to help with the art, and he only used the torso’s to get the proportions/positions correct

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