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  1. Kat

    O_O omfg proportions! and she doesn’t look like she’s in vacuum sealed clothes! And… honestly Katie, alcohol and pain pills… you’re lucky you’re not dead or in a coma, ’cause that’s kinda what happens really…

    also I know you said all will be revealed with the sling but fuck it there’s a kitten now so… umm… KITTEN!

    still props on the anatomy though, seriously, the only thing I could suggest is she doesn’t look like she has any knees… but pfft for all I know it’s just ’cause of pants or some shit. Either way keep up the awesome! Still applause for improving stuff!

  2. HumalaDuck

    One rarely goes wrong with a dedication to improving quality. Well done!

    Stilll…I’m gonna miss those watermelons.

  3. KITTY!~~~

  4. D’awwwwww …

  5. Stompinstein

    Diggin the change bro. Great stuff!

  6. Infamous Nefarious

    Whoa. That’s a kitten. Or….. is it? DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN!

    Katie looks awesome. I’ll miss the watermelons, but….. You’ve stepped your game up once again, man.

    Carry on.

  7. Anarchyant

    yay pussy action!……..oh…..wrong sort…Damn. Err Umm..Kitteh?

  8. The anatomy and art looks good on this page to me! Then again, I’m a writer, not a drawer, so my opinion probably doesn’t count as much!

  9. Richie

    Best Katie has ever looked…

  10. Guesticus

    Why does she have to talk her way out of anything?

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