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  1. corset

    Awwwww. I love this page.

  2. Stompinstein

    Greg don’t give a damn. Calls em as he sees em.

  3. Kat

    omfg are you telling me they’re not in vacuum sealed clothes anymore?! holy shit! XD also it looks like Katie suddenly lost her bra between this page and the last one X) and the colored stripes on the bottom of her shirt? …think that was her shirt tucked into her undies… guessing she fixed that in the elevator…?

    also psychic Gregor is psychic X3 or just really knows her that well :D

    still impressed by the lack of vacuum sealed clothes d^_^b AND KITTY HAS THE SHOELACE! X3 ehehehe

  4. Darnel

    I actually liked todays after grumbling about the two previous strips.

    I still wait patiently for an origin story.

  5. tommykl

    ahh cute distraction is cute

  6. Infamous Nefarious

    Colby don’t give a damn! Yo’ shoe is DONE now, man.

    That’s clearly why Greg picked him up. And probably just literally picked him up as he was walking by. Like…. Rescue adoption off the street. Greg strikes me as being that kind of hero. People are dicks, after all. But animals? Animals are a different story. I think he’d stop to help an animal, unprompted to do so. So why not rescue a kitten?

  7. arjay2813

    now i will never read gregor without first thinking of Hellboy and his cats

    • Gentleman Breakfast

      I didn’t even remember that, it’s adorably badass.

    • Guesticus

      What about Data and his pussy?

  8. Anarchyant

    Now Greg and Katie both have something in common……..they both like getting hold of a little pussy

  9. Guesticus

    Personally don’t like cats, but kittens on the other mittens…

  10. Guesticus

    Did you know that ‘Colby’ is also a type of cheese? Not sure why bringing that up as doubt it has anything to do with the name (unless the kitten smelt cheesy)

    • Why, yes, I am aware of that. It is also distinguished by its marbled orange and white coloring. Interesting…

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