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  1. Nathan

    Yay, new page, that 1/4th potato face tho lol, i think the chin is a tad thick or its the art style and i cant unsee 1/4th potato face

    • 1/4th of a cool comment, bro.

      • Nathan

        Hey! I still enjoy the comic 😛 i stuck with it for this long and at this point i need to know why his mother appeared so im not going anywhere lol

  2. Blaydewind

    Maybe I’m being a jerk here, but here goes…

    Thank you. Thank you for making Katie a real person and not supermodel gorgeous. She has flaws, and is all the more enjoyable for it.

    So Thank you.

    • Nathan

      I agree

    • Arklytte

      This! So much this!

    • Thanks! I know a lot of artists are afraid of showing their women fully emoting so as to ruin the attractiveness of the character. I need to be able to show a full range of emotion and, thus, Katie isn’t always the pinnacle of beauty.

      • Nathan

        Please do 😀

  3. differ

    lol indeed it is

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