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  1. Omnicrat

    I can’t help but wonder what happened to make the greh-garh abandon his homeworld if they built him to defend it. Is he still the only greh-garh, or was he a prototype and there are now better modles? OR, could society not accept a greh-garh, so rather than kill him his mother exiled him?

    • Guesticus

      Or, maybe he was sent away for safety, like a certain kryptonian

  2. Richie

    The bad guys remind me of The Master Cylinder in the old Felix the Car cartoons…

  3. Richie

    Felix the CaT…

  4. Xone

    Heheh, Ghre-Tah 3D Printed an Autonomous Juggernaut for a Son/Soldier? Best Mom Ever!

  5. Timni16

    ghre-ghar…ghre-ghar…gREGOR HAHAAAAAHAHA

  6. GreyWolf

    Getting this mental image of Gregor going after the people who attacked his homeworld, with the title song from “The Last Dragon” playing in my head …

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