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  1. demanufactured00

    Oh doesn’t he looks excited? Looking forward to seeing where the story goes from the break.

  2. Mirilali

    He’s definitely excited with his whole “let’s do this!” Pose. He’s about to play chess isn’t he! :p
    He’s excited, you’re excited, we’re excited, everyone’s excited. Party planning time!

  3. Evan Dark

    Please draw some Katie + Cloe studies too!!! We need more BEWBS here!!!

  4. Blaydewind

    Looking forward to the new stuff.

  5. RandomSpectator

    Questions that have been driving me crazy for a while now:

    How did Ghre-tah get injured, and why does she need Gregor to heal herself?

    If her Science Pod was the only one ever made, did the Ghre have any other kinds of space folding spacecraft, or just the one?

    If just the one, given that it’s only big enough for Ghre-tah, how did Gregor even get to Earth in the first place?

    Were the Ghre left defenseless in the absence of Greg?

    Why has Ghre-tah not come to look for Greg before now?

    How is she tracking Greg’s location?

  6. uberskeeve

    Loving the comic.. but are there any updates coming? or are we not active anymore?

  7. houald

    i just realized it has been five months since the last comic. whew.

    • I’m terrible, I know. Working on the next few now.

  8. uberskeeve

    Hoooorraayyyyyy!!!!! :)

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