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  1. kryshunter

    I probably would have gone straight for the big bad, but this is better. Take out the biggest threat first.

  2. Stompinstein

    Called it!

  3. Xero

    All this time I kept thinking Gregor was in the background, off camera if you will, calmly keeping the civies from getting killed/hurt(like the bank teller) So far… the “Bad Guys” aren’t even doing anything destructive themselves. I wonder if Gregor will take this into consideration and allow them to leave peacefully after he finishes with the collateral damage crew.

    • Laszlo

      After all, the “good guys” are the ones doing all the damage, AND annoying Gregor. I figure after he gets through taking apart the hero squaddies, he’s going to tell the robbers to just get out now before he gets mad at THEM,

  4. Rassilon

    Love the colourists work, that “Thanks…..”, “Shut Up” bit is something I’d always imagined happening to CaptUSofA & sums up how as a Brit ,I viewed the first Avenger when first seeing the comic imports as a kid.

    Love how Gregor’s barely bothering & his dry put put downs brought a grin.

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