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  1. GreyWolf

    That’s making my ribs hurt just looking at it …

  2. Gentleman Breakfast

    You have me conflicted, Tyler. I feel nausea at the sight of those injuries, but delight at the sight of those beautiful bazongas. The battle is strong.

  3. Kaunisenkeli

    Oh dear. I might have waiting until after the injuries were treated for talking about what happened, but here we go all the same. o-o

  4. Richie

    “Baggy meat creature” indeed…

  5. Omnicrat

    Wait, meat thing? Are the Greh not made of meat? How the hell does THAT work???

    • @Omnicrat: I think it’s more a statement of how comparatively bulky we are compared to the Ghre and how even the Ghar, as muscled and strong as they may be, are not nearly as packed with “extra” tissue as we humans are. Hence “meat creature” and one with extra mounds of meat around her hips and chest so a “baggy” one at that, in her perspective.

      Kinda like the old episode of Star Trek TNG “Home Soil” where they discovered that new life form which was inorganic and crystalline. And it referred to us (when translated) as “bags of mostly water” because that is how we appear to them.

  6. Crestlinger

    Now we’ll see as objective an opinion as possible on the subject of large breasts. Or a genetic enhancement to an alien race, could go either way really.

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