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  1. ACExtravaganza

    Woo! Gregor! I had honestly thought you were comatose or something.

    • More like in a slump. Getting back to my first love… Feels good, man…

  2. Kat

    we come back to what looks like oil spritzed colors? Or maybe more salt on water color… either way your colorist found a way to make everything look kinda wet and grainy X) it’s interesting the switches between different coloring of backgrounds and characters, and then come back with a whole new one. Unless you got a new colorist?

    Eh either way, just noting the new change, tiny kitten to the rescue though XD

    • I colored this one myself. I thought I’d try something a little more detailed while keeping to the palette I had established.

      • Kat

        ah got’cha, I was kinda partial to the earlier details but hell if you like the water look then yeah. makes me think of the flashback scene really. but hey, welcome back to you and your colors.

  3. demanufactured_00

    welcome back! While the boobage is a nice touch, check out that soundwave poster!

  4. Alexander Leaking Pen Hollins

    errr, i think i missed something. (backs through the sketches. AHH, there we go. ) okay, that makes more sense. lol.

  5. Jhayjay

    Ah yes, the climbing kitten. Even with a tee shirt on, worthy of some creative vocabulary. Trust me on that. It showed no Chest Effect though.
    Welcome back!

  6. Xone

    Wee kitten looks like a tanuki XD

  7. Blaydewind

    Welcome back! Been looking forward to updates!

    Like the new look, and that’s not just because of massive Katie boobage (doesn’t hurt though).

    “Oh lookie! Dangly evil string thingies attacking head of my new pink Thumb Bitch! DEFEND THE FOOD SLAVE!!!”

    …I may or may not own a cat…

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