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  1. Kat

    BOOM! Haha there it is! Yes! arright I’m good XD

  2. Muchacho NL

    That was not nice of you, Mrs……. Greg’s Mom.

  3. Richie

    I don’t think I like her…

  4. I don’t think Mrs. Greg’s Mom has any skills when it comes do dealing with fellow sapients.

    • Muchacho NL

      Happens a lot with highly intelligent people.

      • Blaydewind

        I know I shouldn’t be trusted with tazers around stupid people.

  5. demanufactured_00

    I wish I could just zap people that go on tangents…love Gregor’s facial expressions. On the plus side, he could heal her now?

  6. RazorD9

    Some parents sneak a bit of alcohol to knock their kids out. Seems like mama Gregor needed something a bit stronger in the days.

  7. Beregorn

    Maybe it work only with his mother, or other females of his species…

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