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  1. Crestlinger

    Channeling her inner Zim it seems.

  2. Blaydewind

    I see absolutely no way in which this carefully crafted plan can possibly go wrong.

  3. Richie

    Sometimes a break is the best thing; looking forward to seeing what comes next…

  4. Infamous Nefarious

    HAH! That was unexpected. I suppose that was pretty much the only way it could’ve gotten more awkward.

  5. Xone

    How could Mamma G have known that possessing(?) the injured flabby meat creature sans weak fiber based armor was the wrong decision? Should have gone with the tall dark meat creature with the strange follicle appendage protruding from his face.

  6. Arklytte

    Good luck with the hiatus. Sometimes you just need to give the ol brain time to recharge. Looking forward to seeing where this story-line goes. :)

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