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  1. Any chance of some detail on her tattoos? ^_^

  2. GreyWolf

    The detail I want is on what’s causing her to make that face in the lower left … đŸ˜€

    • The smell of new comics. Pervert.

      • GreyWolf

        She has an orgasm from smelling comics but I’m the pervert? ;P

        • You’ve never bitten your lip in excitement before?

          • GreyWolf

            Didn’t say that – just disagreeing with what would qualify as “perverted” and that I’m no more such than she is. đŸ˜€ Especially since a woman that gets turned on by comics is pretty hot, to me …

  3. Blaydewind

    Not bad, sir. Good range of expression, and unlike a lot of artists she doesn’t look like a completely different person when her expression changes. Keep it up!

  4. SBO

    WoW!! That great your drowing.

  5. Omnicrat

    Does Katie look evil to anyone else in the center drawing? She looks pretty evil to me…

  6. a

    you haven’t updated in over a month. Is the series over?

  7. Senger

    Has the comic died? :( i was enjoying it…and have been patiently waiting for an update….please tell me it’s still ongoing, it’s too awesome a comic!

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